Measuring the effectiveness of Anti-Corruption Agencies, with Liz David-Barrett and Sofie Schütte

Measuring the effectiveness of Anti-Corruption Agencies, with Liz David-Barrett and Sofie Schütte

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How we measure corruption shapes how we view and address the problem, and those on the frontline of fighting corruption know that more than anyone.

The Global Programme for Measuring Corruption ('GPMC') recently held a 'think-in' in Vienna, to examine one area where there is particular demand to improve measurement - the effectiveness of Anti-Corruption Agencies.

Anti-corruption agencies (ACAs) have become the institutional cornerstone of combating corruption worldwide. Yet, systematic evidence about whether, or in what conditions they are effective is scant.

So the GPMC assembled a team of practitioners and academics to debate and discuss the topic over three days in Vienna in June 2023.

In this podcast, the co-organisers of the 'think-in' Liz David-Barrett and Sofie Schütte reflect on what they learnt from the event, and how it could affect future work in the field.

The podcast is a companion piece to this GPMC Insights Brief, written after the event, that presents guidance to ACA practitioners and policymakers on what existing tools can be utilized to design and carry out capacity and effectiveness measurement programmes, and what gaps remain.

It also outlines investigative performance indicators to aid ACAs in identifying useful metrics to evaluate their performance, and advice about how to interpret them.

Link to more information about The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime recent global conference on harnessing data to improve corruption measurement.

Link to Sofie Schütte's bio:

Link to the blog post mentioned by Sofie in the podcast and published prior to think-in.

The agency Sofie Schütte works for ( has produced topic pages on ACAs and measurement:

Anti-corruption agencies (

Evaluation and measurement (

Listeners can find further U4 resources there.

If you want to find out more about the Global Programme for Measuring Corruption:

Link to the Solutions Journalism Network mentioned in the podcast:



Liz David-Barrett

Liz David-Barrett

Liz is Head of the Global Programme for Measuring Corruption at the International Anti-Corruption Academy. She has been researching corruption for more than 20 years and was previously Director of the Centre for the Study of Corruption at the University of Sussex, UK. Always aiming to bridge gaps between research and practice, she has engaged widely with practitioners (e.g. by authoring reports for Transparency International, advising governments on anti-corruption strategies, and supporting the private sector on business integrity).

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Sofie Schutte

Sofie Schutte

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